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Develop the 3 THINGS rule 


Develop the 3 THINGS rule 

How many times have you came to the end of the day and wondered to yourself, ‘what did I really get done today?’ And the answer was: ‘Well, I sent some emails, I made a few calls, I spent hours searching the best recipe for homemade scallop gnocchi.’  Daily production value, equivalent to that of a sloth. 

It happens to all of us. More than we would like to admit. 

The question is, how can we combat this? How can we ensure that we are productive and efficient every day? 

Very simple, it’s what I call the ‘3 Things Rule’.  This is not a to-do list where it keeps growing and growing with endless do the laundry type menial tasks. These are three things that you know when the day is over you have done that will improve yourself, your team at the office, your career, the ones you love the most. 

However, a lot of people fall into the trap of thinking these three things have to be goals accomplished or physical results. They don’t. Many times the most productive and efficient breakthroughs are not tangible. 

For example: My ‘3 Big Things’ could look like this (written in my morning journal while sipping a beaming hot cup of the world’s best coffee) 

  • Write two chapters in the current book I am working on 
  • Practice my keynote motivational talk once fully through and each section individually with short breaks in between
  • Connect with one person I know can help grow myself either personally or in my career

Simple as that. And now I know I have clear direction going into my day of what three things I can do to move the needle forward in my life. It’s the essence of the 1%-er. Taking daily steps forward improving yourself so that you can help improve others. 

Think about where you will be three months from now if you continue to do your ‘3 Things’ daily. Six months? One year? Five years? Twenty years? 

The power of the ‘3 Things’ holds exponential potential. 

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