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Invest in YOURSELF


Invest in yourself 

Have you ever wondered how those beyond way to wealthy, own multiple yachts, and even an own personal island people somehow were able to be early investors in Google, Facebook, Uber, and every other startup that hit that jackpot? 

Or how Warren Buffet and other stock gurus strike it beyond rich through the volatility of the markets? 

‘Wouldn’t it be nice to be one of those people,’ we often think to ourselves. 

Why is investing so scary? Well, for starters, it’s a risk. It’s a risk that we don’t have an already predetermined outcome. Fair enough. Ok, I’ll give you a predetermined outcome – if you don’t invest in yourself, you will never succeed. 

I don’t care if you don’t invest in the stock market or don’t try to hit it big with an angel investment into some tech company. A 13 year old Stanford drop out started, but what you do have to understand is that the best investment you can ever make is the investment in yourself. 

(That is of course, if you believe in yourself) 

The safe route. It just feels comfortable saying that. Play it safe and you will be ok. Or will you? I know plenty of people who thought they were playing it safe and wound up losing everything. The person that knew they were in a field that made a good living but wound up on their deathbed with a whole hospital size regret. Or the person who stayed with their significant other because it was the easy thing to do when deep down they both knew they weren’t compatible for each other. Fear of taking a risk, making the leap, investing in ourselves, it stranglehold us all. If we let it. 

Elon Musk. You all know the name. But would you have if he would have been content in his creation of the company Zip2, in which he sold netting 22 million, eventually becoming PayPal. A Stanford Phd dropout in his twenties with generational money, he was set. For multiple lifetimes. 

But instead of playing it safe or even playing it halfway safe, Elon invested in himself. He knew he wouldn’t be content with only creating Zip2, he knew he had so much more potential inside of him and so much more to offer the world. So he bet it all, all the chips in on himself. By the time PayPal had sold to Ebay, Elon found himself with north of 180 million dollars. 165 million dollars that he almost lost all of. 

Tesla. Could the electric car actually become a mainstay in society. The oil industry is a juggernaut in itself, and one that can often be very political and dangerous. But Elon went all in, investing everything he had in himself, in the confidence that his vision for Tesla would come to life and chance the way people drove cars and viewed the environment in general. Elon knew he could change the world, and he wasn’t about to settle for safe. 

in 2008 amidst a divorce and all his money tied up into Tesla and another ‘pipe dream’ (according to everyone in society) SpaceX, Elon was bankrupt. Nothing. Completely out of cash.  

However, NASA saw promise in the genius of Elon, and even more so in his unwavering belief in himself. NASA needed an overhaul of the space program and knew Elon could be just the person crazy enough to make it happen. 

Two days before Christmas and Elon nearl on the streets, NASA offered him 1.5 Billion (with a B!) to develop SpaceX. Tesla investors saw this commitment and belief from NASA and poured more investment into Elon and Tesla. 

Now worth 21 billion, it’s safe to say the risk paid off. The investment in himself not just financially but his self belief in his abilities, and the mission he was on was the driving force to convince NASA to invest in him. 

Think about if Elon had just packed it in after he sold Zip2 in his twenties, built a mansion on an island and drifted off into the sunset. What would this world be? Nothing like it is today. 

We all have amazing gifts and abilities inside of us, maybe they won’t make 21 billion dollars and change entire industries, but maybe they will. 

All I know is if you don’t take the risk and invest in yourself you will never know. 

And what’s worse than not succeeding? Living with the regret of never trying.

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