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Reinvest What You Have Gained INTO Others!

Reinvest what you have gained into others
My good friend, Jim Kwik (whom I often quote), said the ‘best way to learn something is to tell someone else what you learned. That way you learn it twice.’ There is a lot of truth to that on a personal development level. But even more powerful is the understanding that the knowledge we have is not for ourselves to hoard, but is our gift to share with others.

Most of us like to think that since we learned it, we should keep it to ourselves and not share with others in fear that we might lose any advantage we had gained. That is very common, and very sad. In the sports world this is all too prevalent. Arguably the best coach of all time in any sport and one of the most quoted people in history, John Wooden was known for sharing all of his coaching tips, tricks, secrets. He was an open book and more than willing to share any knowledge he obtained.

Coach Wooden firmly believed that each lesson people share as a mentor has the power to truly touch someone’s life, change their perspective, and encourage their spirit in a way that would outlast any accolades, fame or fortune. He believed in the power of reinvesting in others. Even his ‘Triangle of Success’ which was the foundation of his UCLA powerhouse teams that won 88 games in a row, he shared at any opportunity he could. Mentoring, or reinvesting, in others not only helped the people around him but also strengthened his ability to teach his players. No great coach, leader, or figure in history became great by hoarding secrets and absolutely no one became great by themselves. Whenever someone says they are a self-made man I laugh.

No one is self made. We all have had help along the way. So why not reinvest what you have learned into others and help change lives and in doing so leave a legacy. When we realize it’s not about competition, but instead about cooperation with others, that’s when greatness is achieved. ‘A mentor must always guide, never push. It was my job to listen to them, offer my perspective and encourage them to pursue the ideals they believed to be true.’ John Wooden

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