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‘It takes just as much energy to scheme up a small dream as it does a big dream.’ 

Anyone can set goals. Literally anyone. But it takes guts to set ‘BIG CRAZY WILD OUT OF THIS WORLD DREAM GOALS!’ 

Most of us are afraid to express what we really want to do with our lives in fear that we will be rejected, made fun of, and told there is no way we can ever achieve that. 

Here’s the thing, do you think anyone who achieved greatness and achieved their dreams had everyone agreeing they could from the start? No chance. 

If the Wright Brothers told people they were going to create the first airplane from scrap on that December 7th, 1903 day in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina do you think people would have believed them? If Thomas Edison said, ‘I am going to create something called the light bulb so everyone can have light no matter what time of day it is,’ don’t you think people would have called him nuts and laughed at him.  Do you think when Michael Jordan didn’t make the Varsity High School team as a sophomore people believed him when he told everyone he was going to be the greatest basketball player to ever play the game?  

I think you see the common theme here. To achieve greatness, even to achieve your goals you have to set ‘big crazy wild out of this world dream goals.’  The worst tragedy in life you can have is if you set your expectations so low of yourself and you hit them. Then what? Living a life of regret sure doesn’t sound like a life I want to live. Or you want to live for that matter! Waking up every day with the knowledge that you didn’t even try to achieve your goals is downright heartbreaking. 

‘David, I hear you and all, but what if you set these big crazy goals and dont hit them? What then?’  Then at least you tried! And I can guarantee you that it led you down a path that was far greater than where you would have been if you didn’t try. More than likely it put you on a path for something even greater than you could have imagined! 

But you’ll never know if you don’t try! And the good news, the silver lining is always good news that everyone overlooks or doesn’t want to admit, if you try and get rejected, turned down, your goals don’t work out, guess what? You are in the exact same place as you were when you started. Nothing lost. Only dreams to gain. 

Steven Spielberg, widely regarded as the most prominent and successful movie director of all time wasn’t handed a step by step ‘dream on a platter’ to achieve what he has. His cinematic output has grossed more than 9 billion (with a b) dollars. He was turned down not just once, but twice by USC’s School of Cinematic Arts.  

What if he would have said ‘yeah, you’re right USC, my dreams are just far too big. I should look into something else.’ 

Walt Disney was fired as a newspaper editor because he ‘lacked imagination and had no good ideas.’ Hmm… I think the rest of the story doesn’t even need to be told. What if Walt would have listened to his boss? What if he would have packed it in and went to work at the mill? 

So far we would be down ET, Jaws, Jurassic Park, Raiders of the Lost Arc, Schindler’s List, and a whole entire theme park, multi-multi-billion dollar entertainment juggernaut. 

Broke, divorced, depressed, a single mother with absolutely nothing going for her. As she told people about the novel she was writing based on a Wizard who went to a place called Hogwartz, how well do you think that was received? 

Now one of the richest women in the world worth nearly 1 billion, would tell you she didn’t listen when people said her goals and dreams were too crazy. 

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