Pivot & Go Cover
David Nurse

NBA Life Optimization Coach


Punctuated with stories from his own journey to leading a full and rewarding lifestyle, as well as featuring never-before-told stories of triumph from some of the top NBA athletes in the world, David has delivered a book like none other. Not only will it give you the power to change your life, it will give you the strength to do so.

Get ready to banish negative thoughts, live life to the max, and become energized and ready to tackle each and every day in just 29 days.

Why 29? There are a ton of studies that show it takes twenty-eight days to develop a habit. The lifestyle comes on day 29…and every day after.

This book is broken down day by day, so you never have to read any further than the day you’re on. By completing all 29 days, you’ll have the habits you need for the lifestyle you deserve.

About David

David Nurse is an NBA life and optimization coach and worldwide motivational speaker. As a former professional basketball player (both international and domestic) and coach for the Brooklyn Nets, David pivoted his life to become an optimization coach and has personally helped over 150 NBA players with their personal and professional development both on and off the court. He has been invited to speak in over 50 different countries on personal development, confidence building, leadership, and motivational growth.

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