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Episode 106 – Sal Di Stefano – How to Reach Your SPECIFIC Body & Mindset Goals

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One percenters. How are we doing? Hope your week is off to a great start. You could be anywhere right now.

You are here with me giving your time to this one percent podcast. We’re going to pour into you one percent so you can point to others and get ready to get jacked and get in the best shape of your life. Change your mindset and change your body with sound. DeStefano of Mind Pump Media sound as a story of being the skinny kid and wanting to gain muscle, but going about it in a way that probably wasn’t ideal for his overall health. Finally, figure now the exact things that worked for him and why he is so wise and teaching other people how.

It’s not about just a cookie cutter mold, but it’s all customized to who you are for your goals. And he has went on to starting his own jammies. One of the hosts, The Mind Pumped Media, the top, in my opinion, tough fitness. Listen, that you can that you can learn from. And Sal is just an absolute wealth of knowledge. And look him up and you will see he knows what he’s talking about. If you want some muscles.

Delts some veins popping out. Check out salad. Everything that he is doing. We go in-depth on the top workouts, how you can change your mindset about eating and so much more one percenters.

Get out the curl bar, start hitting it hard and buckle up because here we go.


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Sal DeStefano, welcome to the one percent podcast. And start us off with a bang, something not many people know about you. Maybe a hidden talent or something that’s just like something nobody knows a bang.

Well, not a lot of people know this, but I’ve been on a bit of a spiritual journey. The past, I’d say couple years, I was a I was brought up Catholic, became a very staunch atheist, and then more recently started to re-examine some of my beliefs. And now I’m being pulled to the foundations of the Christian religion. I don’t know if I could if I would consider myself or call myself a Christian or Catholic yet, but I’m definitely getting pulled in that direction with some of the stuff that I’m that I’m learning.

And part of that is because I you know, I I met Bishop Beren. We actually had him on the podcast and he communicates things so well. And one thing that he said to me was that I thought was brilliant. He said, you know, there’s scientific truth, but then there’s also spiritual truth so they can co-exist. They’re not it’s not one or the other. And at the very, very least, when you look at the the great religious traditions, what you find is thousands of years of wisdom, lots of wisdom, and you see a lot of similar teachings echoed in many of these religions, which tells you, you know, any time you find people practicing the same stuff across the world who maybe didn’t have communication with each other or whatever.

Well, you tend to find is some kind of truth. And you see that with all the major world religions and how they you know, they talk about detaching from personal, you know, from from worldly things or not worshipping worldly things. That’s that’s echoed in many of the different religions. So right now, I’m a bit on a spiritual journey and not too many people know that. Don’t advertise it too much. I don’t I don’t I don’t necessarily want to talk about it a lot, but that’s something’s going on.

So it’s really cool.

I’m that’s. He sounds a lot like mine. I grew up very strong Catholic. Just go into church and then to find my way on my own. And now Jesus is the most important thing to me in my life. And it did definitely didn’t happen overnight. So I feel you, man. And I love bishops. Bishop Barrence content to. So if people out there wonder and search and look him up, he’s he’s he’s great.

Yeah. We had him on the podcast twice, two to two really popular interviews. So really, really good stuff.

Oh, yeah. I’ve listened to him both. My mom is a diehard Bishop Barron fan. Oh, really? And now she’s. Now she’s a diehard mind pump fan. The same article.

So let’s talk about pivoting in your life because you stood out when you were younger, not wanted to be the skinny kid and didn’t want to just only work at a gym either. Talk to me about the pivot you had to make in your life. You were growing up a skinny kid, not one to be the skinny kid, and then going in to just just being different, not not being afraid to be different and stand out.

Well, initially, I started working out because I was so insecure about being the skinny guy. And so I started to work out to change that. And it gave me a I became very empowered through that.

You know, the lesson that I learned early on was that if I applied myself, I could change things. It also taught me that there were things in life that were that I could control or at least have some impact over. This was one of them. Now, I took that lesson and applied it to the rest of my life. When I first got into fitness professionally, I was an 18 year old kid. I became a personal trainer, quickly moved up into management and then realized that I I wanted to have the freedom and the flexibility to run things.

You know, my own way. And that’s what I left and started my own personal training studio when I moved into the personal training space on my own with a studio. I wanted to offer a I wanted it to be more of a wellness facility. I wanted people to go there, not just workout, but also get help with nutrition, acupuncture, if they needed it. Massage therapy if they needed it. And I also had a gut expert in there who could help them with their with their gut health.

And that worked out really well. A lot of the stuff that you hear me talk about on my own pump, really the voice that I have and the opinions that I have, a lot of that was developed in those days, like about a 15 year period that I own my own studio, working with other experts and professionals who were in the health space but were not fitness people. They were more in there, like I said, got health, a hormone health and stuff like that.

So working with those people, watching how well we worked together and the impact we had on clients really kind of broadened, you know, my my knowledge base, my understanding, a lot of different things. But I think that’s really the big lesson. And I noticed this when I train kids myself, when I trained younger people with with with with weights, for example, they would learn that lesson of if I apply myself, then things happen and I can change things.

And that is a very valuable lesson. And I think that’s the key behind being able to pivot, is that you feel you may not know what these what the outcome is going to be. You’re not necessarily positive in the sense that you know for sure things are going to work out. But you’re very positive in the fact that, you know, you can apply yourself and that whatever comes out at the other end really need to learn something or succeed.

It’s really good. So I consider you one of the best overall optimization voices and minds out there in the wellness world is you talking about doing wellness. Well, before it even became a trendy thing to talk about. And even on your guys podcast, the podcast, you’ve been on use. It’s not just about the training. It’s about the mindset. It’s about the nutrition. It’s about the overall health, the gut health like you. You’re speaking on.

Was there was there any push back from the start that you had that people would tell you? Now, you can’t this this isn’t gonna work. Just just keep working at a gym. Just keep looking at the body compared to the overall well-being. Was that an issue that you faced?

No, not really.

I mean, you know, luckily when I remember, I was working with everyday people who just want to become healthy. So when I would train them and they you know, they would ask me questions and I talk about these different things. You know, after I train them for a certain period of time, they respected me and we would have these discussions. But really, look, if you’re trying to improve your health, you have to look at everything, everything, you know, has an impact.

And that includes your mindset. Of course, by the way, studies all support this. This isn’t just me speculating. Studies will will support this completely. Obviously, how you eat, how you exercise as an impact on your overall health. But so does your sleep. So do the relationships around you. I mean, there’s a huge study out of Harvard that showed that having bad relationships with the people around you is as bad for you as smoking in terms of health outcomes.

So that’s very important. I mean, everything in that sphere is important. And so what I’ve tried to do is like, again, I tried to engage people who were, you know, or enlist the help of people who are better at different aspects of health than I was. So that we can help people. Now, when we started the podcast, you know, my hosts, my co-hosts, Adam and Justin. They’d been in the fitness space almost as long as I had.

We’d all been doing this for a long time. And here’s here’s what happens if you’re in fitness and health for, you know, two decades after a while, especially if you really want to help people. If you really have a deep passion for helping people, at some point you’ll start to find the truth. You’ll start to find things that really matter. And so Adam and Justin were although they had they, you know, different segments of fitness, we all had similar understandings and we’re all very open minded.

So there was zero pushback. So like in our early episodes, when we talk about, you know, gut health and the microbiome, this is something nobody in the near the muscle building fat loss space was talking about five years ago. You know, it was just that was the though the real crunchy wellness side. But we started talking about it in the muscle building and fat loss aspect. And, you know, we’re blowing people’s minds.

And really, it was just because we were open minded and we understood, you know, that health is much more than just building muscle burning body fat, you know. You know, running fast and having stamina and strength. It had to do with a lot of different things. Yeah, it’s great. And I love how you say you find it things that matter. So, yes, finding things that matter to you and making them your passion, but then building it into your career.

And you guys have built an amazing business and it’s only continue to keep growing. Mine pump median will soon sometime be just a whole media conglomerate. We might be looking at Netflix show and movies and mind pump showing movies. Who knows? But building the business as well. I got what are the challenges that have been thrust upon you as far as building mine pump to be what it is today, building it to be a top place for people to come in for for health, wellness, optimization, nutrition, as you as you did your business in your gym.

Did you use the same type of mindset, tools to build a business, find great people around you like you mentioned, or the obstacles you had overcome in building?

I’d say I’d say one of the biggest obstacles was to not grow, to try to not force ourselves to grow faster. That’s good. Then we should I mean, we’re we’re a fully funded, no debt business. We’ve never held debt. We’ve always funded ourselves. We started the business. Each of us investing, I think, a couple thousand dollars each into mind pumps. So we all put our own money in maybe a thousand to thought. I think it was a thousand two thousand dollars each.

So we start with like five or six grand.

And then since then, the company has been fully funded. Now, we could have taken out loans and credit lines and pushed and pushed growth, pushed expansion, pushed more advertising in the challenge. And that is, you know, you want to you want to grow faster, you want to spend more. But we’re you know, because I think we’re older, we were patient. And, you know, hindsight is 20/20. But looking back, we grew at exactly the right speed that could.

We have grown faster? Yes. Would we have grown better? No. And would that have led to, you know, better long term success? No. So that was hard. It’s also hard to not. There’s so many different parts of the business that we could focus time on and get a return. That’s a hard not to try to focus on all of them, but that’s a very ineffective strategy. So what we try to do is focus on one thing at a time and try not to get distracted by the shiny objects because, you know, as businesses grow, there’s lots of opportunities.

And, you know, it’s easy for us to say, hey, we could start an app, hey, we could create a new program. Hey, we could do, you know, live travel shows. Hey, why don’t we spend time making these kinds of videos of these kinds of videos or writing these kinds of guides and doing these kind of podcasts. And instead we say, OK, look, let’s focus on one thing at a time.

Execute do it well, take our time doing it, stay conservative. And that that strategy has worked really well for us. Our company has grown by 50 percent, 50 to 70 percent every year, year over year, which is still very, very rapid growth. But for us, it’s about it’s about right. And we’re going to we’re again, that’s still a challenge. We still want to push and, you know, and do things. But at the end of the day, we’re all very patient and we want to make sure that we last that we’re not just a flash in the pan 10 years to become an overnight success for the best quotes.

And you guys live it to the T.. Also really love how you talk about the one thing doing your one thing better and not focusing on all different types of things. And I got to tell my NBA players and how we train is we focus on our strengths are in the NBA for a reason because they do something better than anybody else. They’re only good at every area. They wouldn’t be playing in the NBA. And that’s such an important thing for people to understand, is to have the one thing, that main thing that they do and attack it.

Make make that what you are known for. No, it’s going to take some time. Nothing’s going to happen overnight. And if you enjoy it like you guys were, you weren’t playing that constant comparison game, why can’t I be at the top within the next five days? So that’s a beautiful that’s a beautiful blueprint for people to hear of. If you want to start a business like that’s that’s that’s the gold. So that is an unbelievable business blueprint which made everybody out there listening.

Should absolutely follow that. Talking about yourself personally as being a high performer and someone who we term a one percent are pouring into yourself one percent daily. Are there are there tips or non negotiables or things that you’re your go to things to help you live your optimal life everyday that you do?

Yeah. So no one non-negotiable for me is that I spend quality time, some quality time with my family. That’s a very, very important priority. It’s what gives me it’s part of what gives me purpose and meaning to the all the stuff that I do. And without that, I think I would lose sight and focus of what’s important. So that’s number one.

Number two, I exercise and I don’t not exercise and I modify my exercise depending on how I’m feeling. Where I’m at or all that stuff, but I never don’t I almost never don’t do it. And the reason why I do it is because it’s very meditative for me. It takes care of my body. I have some of my best thinking when I’m working out, so I almost never miss it. If I have to if I do it at five a.m. so that nothing gets in the way of doing it.

The other thing is my sleep, I, I get to bed at nine thirty every night. I wake up every morning at five thirty and that’s something that I’m extremely unless there’s a special event. I’m very, very consistent because I liked it. I want to take care of my mind and my body so that I can be the best father, husband, partner. You know, business owner, podcast host that I cup possibly can be. And then the last thing that’s a non negotiable for me is, is integrity.

I don’t care what reward is on the other end of, you know. On the other end of an action. If I can’t do it with integrity, if it doesn’t jive with, you know, the way I feel, I want to present myself with with the message that we present here on the show. We’ve had many, many time, many, many opportunities to make money selling products or saying things that people wanted us to say. And we turn it down.

And I’m not going to lie. Sometimes it is challenging. We’ve definitely had conversations around certain situations. But at the end of the day, you know, oh, you’re all you have is your word at the end of the day. And that’s this is you’re only as good as that. So that’s something that’s also non-negotiable.

I’m really glad you hit on that point. And I was going to ask you that, like, you guys are being thrown ads and thrown probably a lot of money to maybe things that don’t represent your brand or what your beliefs are. And I know you’ve talked about, Max, Pflugerville is a good friend of mine. And now he’s told me about the same type of thing. Like, it’s very tempting to take those. But it also it’s that quick fix.

It’s the quick this is get rich fast scheme, but also makes you burn out. You talked earlier about how important having the longevity is and and use a word consistency. And I think that term is the greatest compliment somebody can get. I called Reid list consistency in you. You live with that exercise knowing that it’s it’s it’s not just for your body, is for your mind. The sleep, having your circadian rhythm down point, like these type of habits build up one percent daily, one percent, one percent to make you to where you are today.

And what it’s tough for people to understand is, is that it compounds having these times compounds. I can I can only imagine how how great a shape, how great you’re eating during this quarantine time where habits and routines are all we can do. Right. Well, I mean, look, nobody’s perfect. OK? So things so I have the discipline to work out all the time. That doesn’t mean that the work is always hard. That doesn’t mean the workouts are always performance driven.

I mean, sometimes the workouts are not as good or I mean there. And I’m just trying to take care of myself or I’m in there just to move a little bit. But I but I remain disciplined to keep it to keep it going. But, you know, the context of life is ever changing. I think if you go into it thinking you’re always going to have a hard workout, you’re willing to train for performance, you’re going to be in for a shock because life is going to hit you.

And then you might end up being one those people that, you know, works out sometimes and sometimes they don’t because they can’t handle it. You talk a lot about a great point. Intuitive eating. And I know it’s kind of been a trendy word that’s starting to catch on. And also talking about how you want to beat yourself up for if you if you fall off that horse, you can get right back on. Can you talk to the audience about, like, the how frien that is to the mind and in your key points to intuitive eating?

Superexcited share with you guys that my first book, Pivot and Go, is on presale. Now, Amazon, David, nurse dot com pivot and go. It’s about making mindset pivot, small, slight changes in your perspective, little shifts that can change your entire perspective on life. It’s based on twenty nine days. Twenty eight to make a habit. Twenty nine to make a lifestyle. There are twenty nine chapters. Twenty nine mindset pivots that will absolutely have you coming out of there with extreme joy for the life you live.

Passion for the mission you’re on in, confidence in who you are.

So would be awesome if you could support the book. Check it out. Let me know what you think. I’m going to be sending out a free autographed copy in the next month as well. It’s on Amazon Presale. It’s our David Nurse dot com pivot and go. Yeah, well, we just we have not learned how to navigate the modern life in terms of food. We just we haven’t been taught. We haven’t learned how to do it. It’s a relatively new phenomenon.

I mean, for most of human history, food was hard to come by. You had to chase it and kill it or cook it or prepare it for hours when you did find it. And so because it was scarce and because we eat things that grew around us or ran or swam around us, you know, our bodies evolved and we adapted.

And that’s that’s a healthy diet for us. Well, you know, for not that long now, we have really revolutionized our production of food to the point where food quantity is more of a problem now than scarcity in modern societies. It’s, you know, eating too much kills more people now than eating chattel. At least when we’re talking about modern societies, we’re also presented with every flavor and texture and color and type of food you could possibly imagine. So it’s a completely new landscape and we haven’t learned how to navigate it.

All we have learned is you eat what tastes good or eat what gives us hedonistic pleasure. And so because it’s accessible, because we can get whatever we want and we can get whatever flavor we want. All we really value is that, in fact, you know, next time you’re with your friends and you guys are time out, what you’re gonna have for lunch, you’ll notice that that’s how they make the decision. What do you guys when he.

Oh, do you feel like Mexican food? Do you feel like Chinese food? Oh, I feel like this. And so and there’s nothing wrong with that. But that’s if that’s the only way that you navigate how you eat, then it becomes a big problem. Then you’re always chasing that hedonistic pleasure and you end up obese and sick. So what we needed is relearned how to navigate the landscape. And that’s what intuitive eating is now intuitive. You know the word intuitive.

It makes you think that you become instinctive with it. Nothing becomes intuitive until you learn it so much that it becomes intuitive. So you can’t just become an you know, right now, if you took the average person said what you want to know intuitively, they’re gonna eat the same stuff that they always eat. What they have to do is learn how to put things together. They have to learn how to value foods for different things. I know that when I eat, my digestion is off.

I eat these types of foods and it helps. I know that this gives me strength and energy. I know that when I eat these foods, I sleep better. I know that this food right here gives me a hedonistic pleasure. So that’s what I eat when I go out, my friends, and we’re connecting. And you really start to piece this all together. And you also have to learn how to really take care of yourself with food and not abuse yourself with food.

Either numb yourself or distract yourself or starve yourself. Right. So once you and it’s a long process, David, this is not something that happens overnight. But when you read learn how to navigate the things that the food landscape around you, then you get to a much more intuitive way of eating. Now, intuitive eating, a healthy intuitively eating doesn’t produce a shredded, ripped body or a maximum performing athlete. Those require much more structure, much more planning, you know, weighing and all that stuff.

When it will create, though, is a generally lean, generally muscular, generally healthy body. It’s a way of living most of the time, and that’s what intuitive eating is supposed to be. I love it. I love the term relearned. It’s you talking about figuring out how what works for you, what works for your body. If people look at it like as a way, it’s just this is a it’s an experiment. I got to figure out what makes me feel the best.

That’s it. And not beat myself up for when I mess up. That’s a great outlook. Re learning. Really good point. And this this podcast has a lot of a lot of high performers that listen to us or really big on continued growth and have a lot of NBA players on top nutritionists. And I consider you the top optimisation person that I know. Just on all all levels. So is there anything that we can steal from you that yet you’re continuing to learn on?

Like, how do you learn and grow daily? Well, I mean, here’s one thing you could do. In fact, we just talked about this on on a podcast which just finished today.

One thing you can do, and this is just this is huge in its sound. It might sound, as I’m talking about it, trivial, but I hope I sell it well to you. Because if you do this, it will it will change you more than almost anything I can think of, because it can be it can be applied to anything in life. When you form an opinion on something, think about it in different ways. And so what I mean by that is we think we think of things in our head.

That’s the way that most of us think of most things. But that’s only one way of thinking. You can also write. So if you’re thinking of something, write it out and you’ll find that you start to process it a little differently. It’s a different way of thinking. Anybody who ever journals or writes for a living will tell you this. So that’s one way. Another way of thinking is to discuss. Take your idea and talk about it with other people.

Better yet, try to teach us or debate with other people. So talking, writing and thinking are three ways of thinking. And that’ll help you process through and learn to learn things a little bit better. The other way is there. Another tip is to seek people out who have an opposing view or opinion to yourself. Now, the goal is not to seek them out to to, you know, to to be close minded. The goal is to find people who do a really, really good job arguing and debating their point of view, which is opposite of yours.

Then engage with them with an open mind. Not rude, not angry, but with an open mind. And see if they can change your mind and will end up happening is one of two things. Either you’ll come out of that with a stronger, more confident sense of your own opinion because you’ve stood the test of somebody who’s got an opposing opinion or you’ll change your mind, in which case you’ll realize that your opinion was wrong and theirs was right.

But if you approach, you can approach it. Any idea this way, whether it’s nutrition or exercise or building a business or how to raise a family or religion, whatever. If you approach things in this way, your odds of developing, getting the truth and developing a more broad sense and confidence around your opinions is much higher simply by doing that. But it takes a lot of processing and thinking. So think in your head. Think on paper.

Think by talking. And then seek somebody out who has an opposing view. Who is very, very good at arguing, debating and discussing their side and engage with them. And you can do that actually quite easily now on social media. So you are great at putting together blueprints for people like we did in the business earlier on in this episode. That is a perfect blueprint for continued learning, continued growth. And at one point that I have I haven’t heard before, which I really love, is seke opposing views.

Most of us only want to have the yes men telling us we’re doing such a great job. But you’re right. I mean, you can win off both of those if you come out where you realize, OK, you’re right. That’s going to boost your confidence. Or if you realize there’s something wrong, you just go back to the drawing board and figure it out. That’s how I look, Clint.

Yeah, look, if you if you have an opinion on something. First of all, it means you’ve made up your mind or somewhat made up your mind. Right. And you’re afraid to to test it against somebody who’s really smart. On the opposite side, then you shouldn’t have that opinion. You’re obviously not confident enough in your opinion. And unfortunately, most people have opinions on things in that way. So they have an opinion on, you know, taxes or the economy.

And then you you go to you go to engage with them and discuss. And they just get pissed off. And I don’t hear it. OK. You shouldn’t have an opinion because you’re not confident enough, in your own opinion to have that opinion. Now, I’m not trying to to criticize anybody, but I think if we took that approach, we would all reach better positions of learning, better understandings of things. So you should seek out those opposing people, discuss with them.

And your goal is to see if they can change your mind. Be open minded about it. Watch what happens.

Such a great mindset going into those conversations, not in an embattled mode of trying to defend yourself, but as an open mind to learn. It just changes a game is it’s a mindset pivot. That’s you that’s you’re doing. It’s beautiful, right?

So what’s next for you? What’s next for you? You get you guys mind to what wakes you up every morning. Five thirty a.m. Jooste juiced up to get out of bed, grab a filles coffee and attack the day.

Well, for business, we’re always trying to grow and expand what we do. One of the bigger things that just happened is we just I just signed a book deal with a publisher, so I’ll be nice.

Congrats. Starting that pretty soon. And that will be a a mind pump media, you know, book. But I’ll be the one, you know, doing most of the writing and stuff on it. On a personal level, you know, I got married this year. I got a baby on the way. So in October, I’ll have another kid that’ll put the number at number of children at three, which is, you know, it’s pretty exciting.

So that’s really recall that. Awesome. You know what’s on the horizon for my pump? You know, our mission is has been and I think will always will be to to to to be a positive voice in the fitness and health space to to to counter the negative and bad information, inaccurate information, the fitness base. But to do so in an effective way, to entertain people and to get people to listen, not just give the right information, but sell the right information better than they can sell the bad information.

That’s beautiful. So I lot of congrats on the book, The Marriage. You’re too big for the kid. Forget it to play in not just someone defensor playing to to man box triangle on to those kids running around.

But you write a book about that when you when you figured that out. So we’re going to throw you on the rapid fire hot seat and this can just be quick answers, whatever comes to your mind. First one is what is your favorite mindset? Quote that you live by something that you might have on your fridge or plaster on your bathroom mirror, a mindset quote that stands out to you and drives you to whether you think you can or you can’t.

You’re right. What does leaving a legacy mean to you? Not necessarily a billboard type legacy, but. But what does it mean to you?

Oh, but to me it means raising good, honest human beings, raising good children who become self-reliant, responsible, honest people who will fight for what is right, who will defend people who need to be defended and who are able to pursue their own happiness. Love that, ma’am, if you could only eat one meal for optimization purposes, not pasta, but one meal for optimization purposes for the rest of your life. What would you be choosing?

Steak. Easy has it. Carnivore Paul Saladino, be proud of you. That’s right. How can we all follow you?

Everything that you’re doing. Everything that mine pump is doing and putting out there to the world.

So you could find me on Instagram at my pump cell. The podcast obviously is Mind Pump. If you want to check out all of our free content. Just go to mind. Pump free dot com. And then if you’re listening to this podcast and you are interested in any of our fitness programs, if you DME on Instagram at my Plimsoll and tell me that you heard me on this specific podcast with David Nurse, I will give you half off any of our programs.

You’ll love it. Awesome. We’ll link to that in the show. Knows for sure. And the final question on the one percent podcast that we ask everybody. What does being a one percenter mean to you? If it means being fulfilled in finding meaning and purpose in whatever you do. Love it. Love it, concise, beautiful. Sal, thank you so much for coming on the one percent podcast. And thank you even more for being the light you are to so many people out there in the nutrition world, the fitness world, the business world and just in the world in general.

So very proud. All you’re doing, man, and a huge fan of you guys and my pump and tell the guys what’s up for me. Well, thank you, David. And that’s a wrap on this week’s episode of the one percent podcast.

Thank you so much for giving your time to me and listening to the one percent podcast. That’s you. None of this would be possible. The feedback, the reviews, the ratings you give. This podcast helped to grow the audience in the reach for us to be able to bring on new guests each week, provide that one percent daily steps we can all implement from top NBA players, high performers and just from amazing people doing amazing things to better this world.

And it’s all because of you. If you could. I will shout you out personally. Thank you. Leave a review on iTunes with a podcast app on your phone. Five stars. If you’d love it. One star, of course, if you hate it and leave a comment of what you liked about it or questions. Suggestions that you might have post on social media and time. David Nurse, NBA and I, will we post the reviews, the podcast.

Kids shout you out personally for sure. Thank you so much for being the best community, the best family, the best one percent squad. So blessed for all of you out there. Now, go out there today and speak a word of encouragement to someone who can.

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