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Episode 101 – Jrue Holiday – NBA All Star New Orleans Pelicans

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One percenters, how are we quarantining? I mean, how are we doing? I know, crazy time, wild time, but a time that you can pour into yourself. One percent daily, into your mind, into your body, your relationships. This is a time that you can use to pivot crisis for opportunity. I know it's tough when we can't always see the end of the light at the tunnel. But there is something great coming for you.

But you have to believe it even when every day that day might seem the same. Something great is coming, just like this episode of the one percent podcast.

Super blessed to have this amazing human being, not only one of the best NBA players that there is, but one of the best people in professional athletics for sure. His name Drew Holiday. Drew grew up in Los Angeles, right down the road from me now, where I grew up, where I live, went to UCLA, was selected by the Philadelphia Seventy Sixers in the first round 2019 with the 17th overall pick who's named in NBA all star in his fourth season.

And he's been a two time NBA all defensive team member. He is the point guard for the New Orleans Pelicans. I remember when I was coaching with the Brooklyn Nets, whenever we played Drew, we would try to stop him and he would absolutely destroy us. He just took it to another level. And you will see on this podcast his mindset, his approach, his drive, his horn. On another level, he's going to give you tricks, tools, habits, tactics that you can use in your life during this time.

And after this time, that's going to improve your mind, your body, everything about you. Drew, is an absolute, absolute light just of inspiration, positivity, and as good a basketball player as he's in, even a better person, a man of faith, and just puts his wife way above himself on a pedestal. You'll find out how great jurist, but you'll find out yet how even more great his wife is. It's just like my wife as well.

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All of this will be linked in the show notes and start sleeping like a baby today.

Jrue Holiday start us off with a bang. Start us off with something that no one he might know about you. Not the normal NBA, what everybody sees you as, but something that's maybe something different. Just a bang. What would that be? Amber, I don't know.

I guess the one thing would be I'm enjoying this time like. Like it.

You can attest to this thought I loved, you know, like everybody is. I mean, your family's bright, happy that you're home. And I'm I I'm I'm definitely way happier than just sitting here and having a routine and being able to go to the U.N. every single day, you know, like spend time with my daughters. You grow up like every single day. Now, put her down to sleep just to, like kind of like a mom.

Mahasen. Yeah, that's great, after being on the road, literally. That is your life. That's what kinds of things how about what what kind of things are you doing in this quarantine time? Maybe a little outside of the box. You got you going to board games. Maybe you're playing the oboe. I don't know.

No, I mean, I dabble a little bit in guitar. I stopped when one season got heavy cause I prayed. I usually just sleep. I played a lot of a play about a minute, so I usually just sleep. But I'm getting back into guitar a little bit. Actually, I'm actually having a keyboard come to the house meditating a little bit. But then that man trying to read my mind is doing stuff like I'll be doing these local boardroom's.

I'm not sure anybody seen it, but it's been fun. It kind of make you feel like an athlete a little bit. We did boxing the other day. We do jump ropes. It's just fun doing different things other than just basketball, you know. So Mike really has to bring it at this time. So Mike Dee is Dru's trainer. His right hand man. I mean, Drew is obviously the the the prize basically like what I would say with with me and my wife.

She's the much better half. So Drew's a much better half for Mike. Mike, he has been on this five guys and did an unbelievable job. We like Drew. We basically hit it off. Everything he was saying was like, yes, yes, yes, yes. So what do you do, Mike? What have you been doing? I'll toss it over to you. That has been switching it up. But what are you guys been focusing on during this time?

Because a lot of people, one of my one of my buddies who plays for the Lakers was asking me if he could come over to my place and lift weights on the roof because he had nothing. He literally had nothing, no access to anything.

Well, for everyone that doesn't know, I played receiver and at the college level, the visiting level. So I knew that we didn't have access to a gym, whether that was lifting weights and or the basketball court. So the next best thing for me and most, Nash, really was wide receivers. And it goes, you know, I live and breathe football when I get a chance. And it was this an easy transition to say, hey, you know what, we don't get on bus.

The Columbia 11 Jordan cleats out, check them out.

They're pretty clean. But the all white gloves and we don't get our feet moving.

And I try to make every session as fun as possible so that he stays engaged but also affected like we're staying in shape. You know, we're it we're we're doing our own version of lifting. And also I'm incorporating basketball like movement into roots. We actually were playing with that on Monday, doing like Eurostep cuts in the routs and HESI dribbles and the routes and stuff like that. And he would finish with like a sprint to catch the football. So those are the a few of the drills that we've been focusing on.

Yeah, that's me. You got you guys got access to a field that's huge. And Drew, who knows whatever sport comes back, whether it's the NFL or NBA. I mean, that's the one you jump to first.

And that's what baseball is. A contract is allows them a little bit more similar to basketball. That's what I tell them.

Look, I'll tell everybody, go into baseball, be a left handed pitcher, sign a ten, 10 year deal, get injured.

You get the whole thing that's modigliani's greater. He might be able to find a way to make my points. So that's that's the challenge Mike gets out there.

So, Drew, you're talking about this time of enjoying this time and the habits and the routines that you can get into. Did you talk to us in the audience about building these habits on the one percent podcast? It's all about pawning to yourself one percent daily so you can continue into improved, but also improving your lifestyle and the lifestyle of others around you. So what type of habits have you really honed in on during this time, whether it's your sleep routine, your nutrition?

I guess one thing is just consistency and, yep, whatever that might be. Sleep in. And again, it is consistency and routine. So we put our daughter down between like seven thirty eight thirty, which we tried to do after that. I mean, my wife's going to have our time and then we got to sleep. So sleep for me is consistent. I'm not getting off a plane at two a.m. having to wake a bit 730 do something this like.

All right. Well I can go to sleep before 11:00 and then wake up at eight o'clock or seven. Forty five or seven thirty five when my alarm is set. But sleep is one being. We have vitamins that that obviously my dad knows about because he orders embalming the Thawne supplements, which I feel like do play a big part in just being healthy all around in the morning we got college in with O.J. so we got vitamin C, Recology and also my G comes in the morning.

So all of that kind of correlates. But that's just lifestyle wise, I think. I think with me and my G is about effort right now, being able to, whenever you do, put your full effort into it. Even when yesterday I was tired, I'm doing well. And I think my daddy saw it. But being able to get a rest and then every rep that you do, you try to push that one percent, which my G is pretty sitting for a couple of years, almost almost almost a decade now.

But yeah, everyday man is trying to better yourself. It's as if it's a drill. It's honestly, whatever you do up there, like GBG is a lifestyle, so. Love it. Drew, I might have to have you take over Ray McCullom spot, as the guest host does, that was beautiful, but you are given it up to my G. The humility. And you even dropped the one percent in there. You're made for Drew.

You're made for a man. Yeah.

I'm here to get better and better everybody else. I don't know no better than anybody, I'll admit it.

But I give credit where it's due. So now it's great. It is. And speaking to Mike's terms was like, let me add, Mike. We're talking about he has his morning drinks that he's doing. Does he have you on the cayenne pepper and the lemon? No, lemon. Not yet. That's the next stage.

You to do a little bit of like lemon cayenne pepper.

When he when he when you worked with the pelicans, gives that access there every day and stuff that we had we could like implemented that would divide ends. And I mean we would like the first ones and Jimma every single day. So yeah. That's fun there. Yes. He's definitely like the healthy one. He is. He educated me a lot on how to better take care of my body and obviously pass that on to my family.

So, Drew, and you have been reaping the benefits of that, like literally it's the word you said consistency. Like I use the term relentless consistency. And that's what you are year after year. You just perform in and continue, improve, continue, improve. Like when I was coaching with the Brooklyn Nets, I was a developing coach for the Nets. We played you guys a few times and literally, like every time we played, you just killed us.

We scouted for you and just killed us. And it didn't matter what we threw at it. It's a testament to I mean, both of you guys in the training that you do, just continuing to go on the habits. Is there any do you have any, like, non-negotiable things that you do every day that you think is like your thing that gives you the edge? What is your thing like mine? For me, I take an ice cold shower every morning, three minute ice cold shower, wakes me up, knows that I can know that I can get through any difficult situation.

Do you have any of those type of things? My Jesus squatting four hundred and five pounds every morning, 6:00 a.m., my six 00 on my you can jump in here, too. You can jump in on this, too, because they know very well.

I know. Everyday nonnegotiable. Yeah.

I mean I mean every day for me, like every month. Beaujon in the morning. Sometimes I do. Then my G. As you try to get it before the table. But since I've been on the table, just kind of set my mind and click on my values and my goals and to kind of get that in before the day starts. But. Other than that. Oh, yeah, OK. Who am I to say, oh, no?

That's the best one. Drew, that's amazing. That's awesome. You put yourself in a positive frame of mind every morning in crisis that the most important thing to me in my life I knew was my ex. Now I love you even more, Drew. So that's there's nothing better than that right there.

But let's let's talk about the mindset is you have one of the most resilient mindsets. And in the overall in the MBA, what what what drives you when you wake up every morning? What drives you just juiced up to just continue to improve and improve? What is that? What is that thing? Are you. Were you born with the mindset? Did you develop it? I mean, I know your dad is is a one percenter to the max and your sister is the best athlete in the family and maybe walking the planet, but.

Talk to me on your mindset. I guess it just happened to be there. I have, yeah, two brothers in the NBA. And again, my whole I just have a family for the athletes I've grown up around proud of the best athletes. Meaning like playing against them, not just my family, but, yeah, it just kind of. Everything you do, you become. I'm not competitive to some extent. You kind of have to find like, that humbleness and kind of cockiness and kind of level that out.

But. Honestly, with basketball, man, I just don't. There's too. I don't like game B. Definitively. And it really bugs like it bugs me the most. I do know that. And then offensively I'm more on my. I'd like to share the ball on doing that. But my wife, man, my wife, my wife talks trash.

She really is the best athlete. I mean, she she talks trash like you need to do. You need to do that. Like you need to score more white people pass.

Not at all. That's where that's where that comes from. Defensively it is like a Hagan sporto.

And there's something like inside me that makes me angry every time I get a score at all. But offensively, I think it's just sound bad. But just hear my wife talk trash. And you talked so much trash. That is the most competitive person I know. That's the best.

I mean, that's the best mindset drive that you can have. If your wife's gonna talk trash on you, then you better perform, man. Yeah.

That's so good. I know. I've got to love it.

And so you got that be you get the strongest mindset. Coach, you've got the best trainer and your sister is the best athlete. Does that confirm is that Mike was dropping on the on, I guess, a couple of weeks ago. Grown ups.

She did it like absolutely everything I thought we did as boys. We played baseball. We played a little bit of soccer. We play basketball. I played football, high school. But my sister play football. She played softball. She does dance any type of dance. She did ballet. She had modern dance and jazz dancing like she does everything. She put a volleyball in high school. Nothing. So my sister pretty much is everything athlete. I've seen her like I've seen it.

That's the rim. Like a freshman in high grade. My goodness.

I didn't even know that. Yeah.

He brought them in a while, but she she was definitely. She's definitely the athlete.

Yeah. She's got to be the next one on the podcast for sure. Mike, I might let you go. I'd love to have her on. I know she's a legend. Areas told me about that many times. Mike, let's have you jump in. Mike, talk about how you train Drew and your other athletes on mindset development. I know we touched on it a little bit in a podcast prior. But what. What stands out about Drew.

To you that really shows like this is because in the NBA, it's everybody is great. But it's what it's what takes people from great to outstanding that makes a difference.

Well, one thing I got. I come into the situation. Are you known as these athletes? startY built a specific and certain type of way by means of where we are right now. Like these guys are the top of the top cream of the crop. So clearly, they have something different and special already coming to the table today, not even preparing for the one percent black guys. But I sent an article to a few guys that I work with, including Drew, obviously, about the aggregation of marginal gains.

And that's exactly nice.

A testament to kind of how I work with that mindset piece in terms of just trying to get guys to open their minds and read about specific things and philosophies that I definitely fall in line with. And then it's just another frame of reference that I could teach from. So just always trying to challenge them into reading different things and sending text messages, you know, to. So all the guys that I work with. And just reminding them that, you know, there's always an opportunity to get better.

Better, especially with the mind set piece. Spewed awful constant growth. Continue learning and touching on that point going on is a big thing that I do with my players that I work with as comparison. And most people will. Term comparison has been a negative thing like the Instagram comparison. But it can be a great thing. Like players that you look up to, players that you might emulate your game after, like Kobe would always steal something from somebody LeBron stealing.

Do you have anybody, Drew, that you compared yourself to growing up, really studied in depth or continue to just try to steal everything from me or Russinovich and Kobe?

Who did? Yeah. I mean, I think absolutely, to some extent at least, coming from L.A. and across the world, stole some from Kobe. It was Michael Kobe. I used to there was a point where I believe that Tracy McGrady was better and Kobe in back. I shut down really quickly, really quickly. But I think kind of the way you play, like I'm ever gonna be said I was and be like six, seven, six, eight.

And I was going to be similar to somebody in that height. But just the way that he did everything, he had a time where he scored. Like what? And it team points in like ten seconds. Some credit that off that just the way that I felt like he battled against Kobe and obviously lost, but going up against the best. There's also like Magic Johnson. Like I said, I thought I was gonna be a six. They are doing all this and making nice passes, playing one to five, which I mean, you know, still to this day, like, I guard pretty much want to far.

Yeah. And this is amazing, difficult challenge, but it's a challenging himself and it's and that's that's fun for me. So I feel like I like to watch guys or I try to try to mimic guys. I like to take on that challenge. I love that man. It's crazy. The doctor told me I was supposed to be six, seven when I was younger, too. I didn't quite work out for me the way it worked out for you.

I hope my doctor's fired. You're still doing fine and all. But, yeah, that's that's great. Those are obviously unbelievably talented players that you're learning from and stealing from. And that's that's how you continue to learn and grow. Do you do a lot of film study during the season on yourself? Do you guys. Sure. You do. Do self-analysis after games or how do you continue improving game to game in a league that has so many games it could be so wearing and brutal on your body and your mind.

Right. I feel like that's it. That's a part of being a professional. We have to actually work hard and put film together and have opinions, their own opinions and philosophies of this game and kind of like of our system and how I can I can help us win games. So Jamal McMillan, who who's who's my coach here with Republicans and I'm a player development coach. We sit down. We watch him. And he's a he's more the type to, like, talk trash.

And he knows that that, like, kind of gets under my skin. And when I get that kind of turns me up, it makes me better. Another coach, Mike. Mike Penberthy, who works for the Lakers. That's my guy. He did a great friend of mine. He would motivate me, do things right. He would challenge me in a different way, which is challenge and be like, all right. Well, you're not gonna get into the paint.

For the next two minutes, like shoot you to shoot the healthy three. Do that. And mentally, I have to stay engaged and stay focused on what I want to do, because, again, I want to get to that as a three. If I get into the paint, obviously, but there's no one like. Just don't look to do something in the same way every single time. You're either you're good enough and talented enough to do something this way.

It gets all this out. There was I think was not is not the season, but the season before I was on a shooting slump from shooting threes. And that's what he was telling me, was like, look, I've seen you do it before. Getting to it has a great pull up. And I think just somebody giving you that type of kind of confidence and then breaking it down and film getting to the details where the ones that I make are the ones that I miss.

But that also comes from my G, where when we work on things like. Sometimes it doesn't matter how high or low you get, but there's certain movements and stuff that you do that need to be consistent to get maximal, I guess, maximum ability, like for you to be the best. Yeah, I do that. So we train that, like, all the time. Literally all the time. I feel like being consistent in our workouts helps me push through and have that same mentality in basketball.

Mars, an amazing answer. You have a very high IQ. I mean, I know you know that, but that's from NBA players that I've interviewed. I'm going to be honest, that was one of the most in-depth answers that I've heard. That's amazing. Talking about when you when you mentioned confidence. Now, confidence is is such an important piece that most players and most people don't even really understand. It's it's the difference of like when you said you were going through a shooting slump, how you get out of that just out of that slump, because there's going to be games, there's going to be days that people have that are not their best as.

Is there a thing that you do maybe is watching highlight reels or putting yourself back in the frame of mind of your best game? Is there anything that you do that really gets you in your most confident mode?

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Notes on how to do that if you want to sleep better, if you really want to have great sleep, which we all do. This is the answer. I mean, for sure, watching me so like watching is like a marriage or a whole clip that you have.

There was once in family my dad sent me and my dad said every game. In high school, he sent me like three or four games. And then after that, I just like went on a tear. But seeing your show and Rehr shirt off, like, I can do this like I'm here for a reason and I do it against the best. I'm actually, like, visually seeing you. So do that. I don't think that that's tacky at all.

I do feel like that's that's something that you need to play against the best and perform everyday. So I'm all for it. My look at your stuff. Cute, like look at yourself killing man. It's it's a good way to get back when you see. It absolutely is and it should be, and people can see it as cocky, but it's not. It's about being self-aware of who you are. That was you. That is you. And that can still be you.

There's too many times that people have this self depreciating thoughts, creep in the mind and think that that's who they are because they're not living up to the standards they have before. So it's so refreshing, so refreshing to hear them. And by the way, side note, your dad is at every single game of your brother's and I've literally every ever seen. Well, when I was with UCLA, like he was at every single game, literally, probably every single practice.

So you got a legend, Dad?

My dad growing up at one point, he had three jobs. You know, he worked a lot. But one thing that he never one thing that he never misses are games. And if he missed our games, he'd be like. You'd be pissed. Yes. So that was one thing that I felt like because he stopped work in my junior year. And that was one thing I felt. So he dedicated himself to do is to be at all his family's events, sporting events.

So once I made it to the league, it was kind of like, you don't have to go back and. We'll be like as a family, we'll be OK. And from there, man, he just that's like his dream job. What? Like what? His kids. But supportive. He couldn't care less to see other people play. If you can be completely honest, like I'm home, but they are home all day and work out or do whatever he needs to do.

He's at all. When you talk. When you say lay. Not at both my brothers home in Indiana. He was there all the time. All the sounds crazy. I mean, it's wild. I hope hopefully my. Hopefully that'll be my job. And the growth of Lijia will be at the gates. He's gonna be trying to with my genes, playing tennis after tests and everything.

You got a right to tell. It's nice. Yeah. You will be. That is your dad's definitely instilled those qualities in you. And there's a good chance that when me and my wife have kids, we will probably send them to your dad for some type of mentorship. That's it. So I just let her know and I don't know.

Oh, I said, you're my guy. Fine. Will beat me to it. I do. Let's hop on the rapid fire hot seat. So whatever comes to your mind, it could be a short answer. A long answer. Whatever pops up, hit me with it. Do you have any favorite mindset? Quote, Stets, you live by anything that is really kind of like your mantra or something you have plastered on your fridge, something like that?

No, but I do have a verse above over's that's even better.

I was going to ask him to. Nice. It's only Philippians four, six and seven. Don't worry about anything. Said pray about everything. Thank God for all he's done. And if you do this, then you experience God's peace. And I've been in the day. I feel like that's one of the biggest things for me. Just a calm. My mind is just to have peace in the midst of chaos and excitement. And a lot of times in this league, especially especially this season for me, which was completely different.

I mean. I've been here, there's my study a year in the seventh year has been the craziest year because of how different my team is. And the I guess the weight kind of brought onto my shoulders. So being able to experience that piece in and to be able to have that mindset throughout kind of the chaos I like it keeps me levelheaded and keeps you going. So. As the best dancer ever, and that's it, there is no better piece and no one that Jesus has is on his hands.

God has a plan. And you live in that out and being like. You're going to I mean, you encourage a lot of kids and younger people obviously do what you do, your work ethic and everything, but the platform that you have for such a bigger purpose. And it is literally getting goosebumps when you say that. So anyway. All right. Some amazing answer. Drew, I love that man. I love that. All right. How about next one?

We're going to is the moment you realized man in the NBA back sometime that just stuck out in your brain is like, wow, this is my dream.

I'm here. My rookie year you played against Cleveland and I had Shaq, LeBron and Big Z. I forget his name. Yes, Gorski's. Oh, my God. I didn't play much marketing there, but I just started playing a little bit and I think Lou Will broke his jaw. So I just I just started starting. And when you just see him do it and all three of them started. So when you see them coming at you like.

Bhangra. Yeah. Like I. It was a. That was kind of like, all right. I'm an NBA mom. Before that, I felt like I was just angry. I got a fill in the draft. Yeah. Every team that came that that passed me, I want to use. It that every time I play it. But seeing them love it. I was like, I'm like s look like s LeBron James. He was bigger in person.

I've seen it before, but not like in a in this type of setting. And then big as a. It isn't. It was just it was just a shot. Yeah, shot. Yeah, man, I remember how big LeBron was when we're playing them with Brooklyn. Oh, my goodness. It's not. It's crazy. We beat we actually beat them at Brooklyn and then we had to play him a week later. LeBron was kind of is going through the motions and then the week later he just by forty five.

That dude is on another level. OK, how about this? If you weren't playing in the NBA, what would you be doing?

What would you possibly teach in a coach and something with a present younger kids, maybe middle school? Growing up, especially in the beginning of my career, we always did camps. That was always really fun to me and I'm a little kid at heart. So playing around is at my bank, but it probably probably something dealing with just a young youth. That's that's joy. So could that be what's next? Is being a coach doing camps after the NBA obviously raising your daughter?

It could it. It could be that we could be it depends on my. It was the schedules like good night that would give me. Or interning for Mike. I mean, that could definitely be down the route to please. Have you got a good question? I might be a pretty good intern. Like, I know like like this, like you said, and I retain is actually pretty good. I can do I can do stuff on my own and be like, all right, Mike, do you want me to do it this way?

All right. Well, my hips up a little bit too high. I've got to I got to drop my hip a little bit. I'm telling you, I'm I'm. I'm there.

What training is on me. So do up. I believe it. That's what I was saying when I heard that answer about the high IQ. That's what the best players are able to do. Learn from great coaches and then self coach themselves. That's awesome. But all the mighty like you got like a coffee shop here. I'll always be walking in the park and then do some crazy, crazy move. And then the next day we met.

But you get have to get really creative. This teen goes to like October. You're going to be doing some crazy stuff.

I'm ready for, you know, as a stake in the flag. And I'm ready. I just wanted to point out is how excited Drew Guy when I said possibly interning for Mike. Seems like a lot of excitement, more than coaching. That could be it. I just. Drew, what is it?

I can bring my wife, my you up to do that.

Have not, man. Drew, what is your definition of leaving a legacy? Not necessarily like fame or on a billboard or stuff like that, but what would be leaving a legacy to you? The biggest thing for me is.

When I leave, people will see the light. I don't know if you know what I mean. Some predict like the light. Like Jesus Christ. Like it was new. There's always like a lightheartedness and and somebody who maybe they feel like they can always come to and in a time of need or whatever. Just some. I've talked to a jail. But for just somebody that like. And even though NASA I have to get along, I mean, all I'm saying but is really just like leave in your presence kind of in the in the middle of somebodies mind and it being like, all right, well, if if this guy is like seeking Jesus and I want to do it, too, and I feel like for me, especially in this lifestyle, is so.

Not there. I think it is more or more now, obviously, like I go to chapel instead. Every game, but I feel like this lifestyle is very hard to.

It's very tense. Yes. Yes, no doubt. You're not challenging in that way. So that's what I mean. Probably want to be in a good way. That's. No, man. That's that's the best legacy to leave in, like when you're talking about the just No. One, your consistency early on, like you consistently. I I'm just getting to know you through this and knowing that you with my G. Like, I know that you are consistently a positive person bringing a light and a presence everywhere you go.

And that is the greatest way to show Jesus. And you're absolutely doing a mansi without even knowing it. You're already leaving a legacy.

I mean. Well, my due to be a part of it. I feel like every summer we look at a person, we all not a person. The workouts, and they just kind of stink because of the environment. I think that a lot of them I don't like just kind of integrate like this family type of situation. Oh, yeah. Mean it honestly. But I just feel like it's our personality is really I just. That becomes easy.

Easy. We are the people we are around. The iron sharpens irons. That's great it greatness estimate to them. Sure.

Love it. Mike Drew, is there any foundations that you support, any charities, anything like that that we can shout out to all the listeners so we can say that one is brand of love?

My wife is actually on the board, but won't you raise some that kind of broke her heart. And then she kind of explained to me, I kind of fell for it, too. But they they were and were missionaries in.

And in Serbia are several where they're doing all the bombings. All right. And I I rang and I ran. We're doing the bombings. And first they were doing like heart surgeries because they all became a. It was like a second art. So they would do like three surgeries and try to help out in that way. But the funding gets low, obviously. So that's something that we definitely try our best to help out with. But for the most part, man, like anything that breaks our heart, especially my wife, she, like, hops on it.

Any any, anything. Love it. So. But preemptive love is pre-emptive love. Nice man. Well, that doesn't get out, that's so glue's. Look, it's crazy, just like his life story kind of go on education. It's scary. For sure, but your wife sounds amazing. Reading my songs, Langoulant. The reason I am who I am is you get like my family is cool and all that.

But my wife is a real Ambro. I my wife is a lot lower. My story and my testimony don't compare to her.

She's a Orsino for. I don't know.

I love that. Oh well. All I want from her like that. But same thing man. Like my wife is unbelievable. Like literally the like way way better than me. Makes me better. So it's I love to hear it. I love you. When people talk about their wives and their marriages, how much they're in love and how much they keep getting more and more in love. That's awesome. Yeah, for sure. OK. Last and final question before we let you go is what does being a one percenter mean to you?

That's a good question, man. I feel like that's a big responsibility. Just being a one percent, it means that not everybody can do this right. Like, not everybody can mentally be built for this, physically be built for this. Which which is such a big part. But I think being a one percenter just means that.

For one, we're blessed, but two, we have some that we have to bring all the time, like every day. Every time we for me, if it's on the court or bring it to my family or in training with my G. The one percent is always present. If it's mentally that day and I don't feel like doing it, if it's physically and what I say physically, sometimes I'll be banged up and I don't have my deal with us as to.

I won't communicate to him that I'm banged up to wear my G and do his best to still get our work down without me even injuring myself more. I feel like being just the one percent or means you have to be able to communicate in that way to not always push through hard times, like let other people help you to be better. So hopefully that's it. OK, answer some. OK. Is it blue? This is one of the best interviews, Mayor.

Your answers are so awesome. And that's what literally. Well, my definition is to a pawn into yourself. One percent daily, that relentless consistency so that you can pour and others. Man, you're an awesome, awesome light. I don't I mean, I don't know you in person, but right now I'm just getting juiced up about you like my guy having met Mike in person. I feel like you guys are like two of my best friends already, just from the people that you are, the lights that you are and everyone around you guys, everybody check out.

Drew, check out Mike. Yeah. Just so much respect for you guys and an honored to have you both on the podcast.

Thanks, man. And that's a wrap on this week's episode of the one percent podcast. Thank you so much for giving your time to me and listening to the one percent podcast.

That's you. None of this would be possible. The feedback, the reviews, the ratings you get. This podcast helped to grow the audience in the reach for us to be able to bring on new guests each week, provide that one percent daily steps we can all implement from top NBA players, high performers and just from amazing people doing amazing things to better this world.

It's all because of you. If you could, I will shout you out personally. Thank you. Leave a review on I tunes with a podcast. App on your phone. Five stars. If you'd love it. One star, of course, if you hate it and leave a comment of what you liked about it or questions. Suggestions that you might have post on social media and Tangney. David Nurse and I will repost the reviews. The podcast gets a shout you out personally for sure.

Thank you so much for being the best community, the best family, the best one percent squad. So blessed for all of you out there. You go out there. Don't speak a word of encouragement to someone. You can make a difference.

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